One Post a day. A thousand lost readers in a month.

I’m starting a new blog. The old one crashed. Anyway it’s been on hold for the last 2 years. So here I am. Criticizing everything around. Cause that’s what I do. I also do short sentences.

Although you haven’t asked (how could you, you’ve never been here before), I’ll answer some question and set some ground rules.

Who ?
I’m Copper Titan. Yes that is a pen name. Took me 2 hours to find it. 2 hours wasted apparently. Born and raised in France. ‘Nough said.

Why ?
I’m unsatisfied with Facebook and twitter. Having 400 friends on Facebook, I noticed that it’s always my uninteresting statuses that get commented and liked. On twitter, it’s worse : nobody cares. So I made up an alter-ego. Someone who’ll start from scratch. A perfect nobody. A twitter account with 0 follower and a blog with 0 reader.
I wanna find out a few things :

  • How many readers can I get in a few months ?
  • Am I gonna stay anonymous ?
  • Corollary : am I that uninteresting ?
  • Am I gonna turn into a social whore ? Am I gonna change what I say in order to be liked ?

About what ?
Common sense would dictate that I talk about what I know. Football, poker, technology mostly. But you may have guessed, I’m a moron (mixed with an idealist). So I’m gonna wander on unknown territories (economy, ecology, advertising) and share my unparalleled wisdom to the world.

Where ?
Not long ago, that question wouldn’t have made any sense. Now the question does have sense thought you probably couldn’t care less. Anyway I’ll be blogging in the train, in my bed, on the couch and even at the gym.

General rules :

  • Most of my posts are in english. Some may be written in french. I may do so when I’m drunk and when I find it convenient.
  • Most of the time, I’ll double-check my sources so as to limit the bullshit to a minimum.
  • In France, we are known for swearing. So I’m comfortable with “fuck”, “shit”, “cunt”, “asshole” but also with “putain”, “merde”, “va te faire foutre”, “sale fils de pute” and in some extreme cases “mais putain de merde, va te faire foutre sale fils de pute”.
  • If I happen to have comments, I’ll severely moderate them. I don’t mind people insulting me, disagreeing with me, but I won’t tolerate horrible spelling and comments with zero added-value.

That’s about it for now.


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