Thoughts on today’s keynote.

I’m pissed. Well, kinda pissed.

First, cause the live streaming’s been broken (server overload ?)
Apple Special Event October 20, 2010

But that’s not it.
It’s because I’m a fanboy. I try not to, but I am. A moderate fanboy, but still…

Not long ago, I discovered this trend about minimalism, you know the “100 things challenge”.
You can find guinea pigs here and there for instance.
I always thought to myself “I can’t, won’t, and don’t want to do that but it’s inspirational”.

A keynote later, all I know is : “I want this new MacBook Air (and the next new iPad too)”.
This MacBook Air yells “I’m the epitome of netbooks. I’m slim yet I pack a 7h battery (a.k.a 4 real hours) , I’m sturdy, I got rid of everything non-essential and I’m a freaking nice piece of hardware.”

In some kinda twisted thinking, the MacBook Air is the netbook for those “100 things challenge” bloggers. But in my case, it would be piling stuff all over again.

Damn you Apple.


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