Chatroulette + Facetime – penises = Facelette

Facelette‘s been up and running for only a few hours I guess.
The queue list is super-short. As of now, there are only two guys on the queue list.
Me and some dude that doesn’t even have a proper facetime account.

But the crucial information is : I haven’t seen any penises yet ! Yay for mankind !

Of course, this is biased : All in all, I only saw 4 guys and geeks mostly. (Yup, I am inclined to think that geek are less likely to dick off)

But still, Facetime being linked to a phone number and an email adress, I think that weirdos might be discouraged from deviant behaviour. Furthermore, I am convinced that Mac users are in average a lil’ bit more educated that their PC counterparts. (I know, this is not fair and slighly discriminatory, but since nobody’s been here before, I don’t really mind)

During my facelette session, I also ended up talking with the guy behind a brand new Facetime dating website named FlirtyFaceTime. The project’s been up for 3 hours so there were only dudes around. Still, I think that they have something slightly smarter than other : you can inform about your gender, the gender you’d like to talk to, and the kind of talk you’d like to have. So basically, no more nasty weenies when you ask for a friendly conversation with a girl. Obviously, this is not rocket science, but chatroulette never implemented this right.

That’s all I have to say about Facelette.


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