The ability to fail when it comes to women.

I fail when it comes to women. I don’t know why and I don’t know how, but I DO fail.
I could have kept it to myself but I’m gonna share this story with you.

Few years ago, there was this girl in my office. We were both interns. Since she had a boyfriend, it was simply friendly and professional. When her internship ended, I kept her Facebook ID and her phone number. And every once in a while we exchanged a few messages. Then she went studying abroad, and we kinda lost contact.

Two weeks ago, out of the blue, she sends me a message saying what she’s become, what she’s been doing and asking for news. Bewildered at first, I replied to her message. And since I had a party already planned, I proposed her to tag along. No agenda, I was simply glad to see her again. And I knew she would get along well with my friends.

So here she comes, still pretty, still smart, still good-natured. I introduce her to my friends as a former colleague. Tried to divide my time equally between her and my other friends. The party went fine, nothing to report.

Then, what could have developed as a friendly relationship progressively diverged.

It started with text messages. At first it was a few texts a day. Then it became tens of texts a day. In a week, we exchanged around three hundred texts. (In my standard, that is huge. In hers, that is also quite unusual).
Those texts also came with weird proposals. And when I say “weird”, I mean “commitment proposals” as jokes. Such as sharing a flat, going to a concert, going to the New Year’s eve party or to a theme park. Things couples do.

Other proof of the relationship becoming a little bit more : a 4 hour phone call. In my defense, we had to spend the evening together but I ended up sick in the afternoon so had to cancel (her and all my other plans). So I had nothing better to do but to spend my saturday night on the phone with her.

As you can see, this thing is heading in the right direction. But as History suggests, I’m gonna fail. I’m not even sad (my heart hardened long ago), I’m just amazed by my incredible ability to fail the simplest thing.


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