Yoplait Dizzy Epic Fail

A couple of years ago, Yoplait (Danone’s most important competitor in dairy products in France) launched the weirdest product ever : the Dizzy.

Dizzy was the surreal combination between a drinkable yoghurt (such as Yoplait’s star product Yop) and a soda. You heard me : a soda. With carbon dioxide, therefore bubbles. Needless to remind you that zesty and sour are quite common with past freshness products. And although this beverage was supposed to be served between 0° and 6°C (32° to 42°F), once it had gotten a bit warmer, the taste became quite horrible. Just like a third-rate warm beer. At least the beer could make you feel dizzy.The Dizzy couldn’t. How ironic ?

In a way, knowing that this product no longer exists is proof that consumers still possess common sense. It also reminds marketers that no matter how good the marketing mix is, the key component is still the PRODUCT. But what about the other 4 P’s ?

    The Dizzy mascot : Dizzy Moose

    Dizzy Moose holding a Dizzy bottle

  • Price : 1,30€ for a 25 cl can (8oz). The 25cl can being the exclusive packaging. This is slightly cheaper than the 25cl can of Red Bull (1,40€) but 3 times the price of a standard (33cl) Coke can. (noticed the pun ?)
  • Place : Sold in retail and convenient stores. Absent from vending machines, grocery and discount stores. Considering the beverage’s popularity and a two-step distribution strategy, it is no surprise that the distribution never went further than retail and convenient stores.
  • Promotion : They adopted a classical “above the line promotion” : web banners, tv commercials, a dedicated website  (http://www.d-z.fr which now redirects to Yoplait’s corporate website), created a mascot named Dizzy Moose. As for street marketing, I remember that Yoplait chose to sponsor the Solidays, a music festival. Stewardess were giving away cans of Dizzy at the entrance of the festival and few meters away you could see the beverage being emptied in the sewers. Ouch.
  • Packaging : An aluminum purple bottle with a ringed can opener. The Dizzy logo written over 2 lines and letters filled with a psychedelic canvas. The visual identity is undeniably stong and easy recognizable.

So out of the 5 P’s, the guys at Yoplait’s heavily screwed on the product and the price part. And when the value for the money ratio is that low, the battle’s lost before it even started.

Two years after its launch, Yoplait’s Dizzy is no longer. And when you go on yoplait.fr, there are no traces of such a flop. In a way, this post is my way of saying goodbye. (It’s been 5 minutes since I’ve been looking for a way to end this post, so give me a rest.)


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