Paris – Kuala Lumpur for 99€ for the next 3 days.

Air Asia X, the long-haul flight subsidiary of Air Asia, is opening a new route between Paris and Kuala Lumpur on February 14th 2011. But if you are able to plan 3 months ahead, just know that starting this Monday, a one-way promotional ticket is 99€.

You should be able to book your flight here

Edit (3 months later) :
This was freaking frustrating. I went through the whole reservation process. The only thing left was the payment page. And as always, it went wrong. Too many people ordering the same flight at the same moment I guess.

1st fail. 172€ for a Paris Kuala Lumpur return ticket.

Then I tried my luck once again and ended up with a 175€ return ticket.

freaking 1018:ClassNotAvailable error

And once again this same frustrating error message :

Sorry, we are unable to reserve the selected flights at this time. Please select another flight.

Well, if you are that sorry, you should try to make this reservation process less frustrating. Here’s a hint : don’t let me go through all the steps just to reject me at the very last moment. It’s like going to 3rd base with a lady who then warns you that she intends to save her virginity for Jesus…


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