I’m a freaking moron.

I have specialized myself in a field where I feel like I’m unbeatable : I never finish my posts.
As if I was scared of disappointing my readership.
As if I had a readership. My audience is solely composed of mislead wanderers.

So here’s what I want to talk about today.

This monday CBS aired a new episode of How I Met Your Mother titled “The Blitzgiving”. And there was this guy who played in Lost : Hurley. The episode was fun, but since I’m still stuck in the middle of the first season of Lost, no need to say that I did not understand all the references. And one fool day, I might write a short review about this episode.

Life’s made of funny coincidences. I was humming a song for half an hour but I could get any lyrics out of it. Well, that is not true. All I could get was “Hey Hey”. A bit later, I came up with the lyrics “When You’re On”. But still, I couldn’t get any interesting results on Google and Spotify. And Shazam is not evolved enough to understand my humming. In desperation, I tried searching for the words “In the sun”. First answer on Spotify : Island in the Sun by Weezer. Great ! That was the song I was looking for. Then I flipped through Weezer discography, and there is it : a cd with Hurley’s face on the cover. The album is logically named “Hurley” and is Weezer’s 8th.

One of the odds right ?


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