Cacamiseta 2011

The Cacamiseta is some kind of reverse football award that focuses on the ugliness of football shirts.
And as always, marketers did extremely well this year.
Of course they are not the only one to blame. Marketers simply follow numbers. The result of their job is measured in euros. So their job consists in proposing products that would suit their clients “taste” and need.

Ultimately, the fault is ours. Us, tasteless, clueless clients. For God sake, France used to be known as the country of fashion and glamour.
Guys, when you know nothing about fashion and have no taste (which happens a lot, there’s no shame to it)

  • Go dress at Gap. Casual is timeless.
  • Ask your girlfriend / sister / fashionista friend to choose your clothes

That was today’s contribution to common sense.

And if you really have money to spare this holiday, save a Panda.

P.S : Since it took me a month to post this, I think the poll is over. But you can still check the contestants here.


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