The Spanish National team Simpson-ized (and why I’ll never be a good blogger)

This morning, I somehow bumped into this awesome portrait of the Spanish football team.

The Champions 2010 España

And so far, I haven’t found one with a better resolution. And believe me, I’ve tried. And while trying, I found articles about this sketch. But I’m nowhere close to the truth.

For instance, the guys at are saying that it is Matt Groening himself that drew this. Could have been believable if they hadn’t name the magazine Cinemania as the instigator of this drawing.

Then I went to the blog post on Cinemania and although it’s in Spanish (and God knows my Spanish is awful), the title is quite easy to understand (“Did Matt Groening draw the Roja ?”). As for the content of the blog post, the author (Carlos Marañón) is simply criticizing the drawing and the team tactical organization (3 defenders instead of 4 since Fabregas took place in the drawing instead of Capdevila). No mention whatsoever that Matt Groening is the author of this sketch.

There’s one last thing that has been bothering me. On the comments section of the various website I’ve been on, there was this guy saying roughly : “Matt did not draw this, a Spanish guy did, go here if you want to buy the t-shirt with the drawing.

It seemed quite obvious that one smart guy was using the buzz around this drawing to make a few bucks, and I couldn’t really blame him for this. But when I looked closely at the product on Ebay, it appeared to me that no one else on the Internet had a better defined version of the drawing.

Spain 2010 Simpson

Ultimately, I still don’t know who drew this and I don’t know who started the buzz. But at least, I’m not doing shortcuts and going straight to the conclusion that Matt Groening drew this as an homage. And it saddens me that some so-called journalists don’t even bother crossing their sources.

(This is the part where I complain about why I’m never gonna be a famous/good/regular blogger, so for most of you, this blog post ends here.

  1. I started this blog post this afternoon at 2PM. It is now 7 PM. For saying so few, anything I say takes too long.
  2. I keep on blogging in English. Had I done this in French, it would have been much faster.
  3. I care too much about not relaying false information no matter how trivial the matter is.
  4. I always get lost on the world wide web. Multi-tabbing and my curious nature completely ruined my efficiency.)

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