Worst setup ever.

Worst setup ever

Sometimes, it really feels like online poker is rigged.

How about that ?
I’m dealt a pair of deuce that I slowplay. I’m being raised to 3 big blinds.
I call.
On the flop, I have a 3 of a kind. (The 3rd best possible hand.)
I check, he raises, I call.
On the turn, another 9. Of the 3 possible full houses, I have the smallest one. The other two being “9 full of 8” and “8 full of 9”. Not to mention a hypothetical four of a kind of 9. Doesn’t matter, my hand is still very strong. I check. He raises. I call.
The river. Another 8.
I’m stuck. I still have a full house but the odds that my opponent has a better full house have dramatically increased since an 8 or a 9 on his hand is now enough.
Once again, I check. He bets half the pot (and half my stack).
Here comes the headache.


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