Super Dumb Experiment

I used to do some Chatroulette when I was freaking bored.
So I could count weird people, the proportion of girls, and ratio of guys showing their dicks around.
All I can say is that Chatroulette is a very bizarre place.
Although I did have some nice conversations from time to time. With girls mostly. Most of the time, guys were too busy playing with their thing or simply acting aggressively.

But that’s not what I wanted talk about.

In fact, I did try an experiment : I wanted to chatroulette myself. So I brought my laptop in my kitchen (there’s an iMac in my kitchen, don’t ask why) and started to engage in random chats.
Then, it finally happened.

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I was so thrilled.
I guess that was a bad moment in my life.

P.S : I remember that when I tried to justify why I did this I even came up with some weird explanation saying that depending on the number of tries to achieve talking with myself I could come up with an estimate of how many people where using Chatroulette at this very moment.


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