3 years with the Dyson DC16

I don’t settle for crap.

So when I had to buy a vacuum cleaner, I wanted it to be a Dyson. But the cheapest one. And since I had no need for a massive vacuum cleaner, I bought the smallest one, the DC16, for 140€.

And as always when I buy stuff online, I like to flick through the Internet searching for reviews and tech specs. Expectedly the reviews were positive since Dyson has this appeal to bloggers and early adopters. In some ways, Dyson is the Apple of home appliances : a renown founder, products that last, distinctive designs, a knack for innovation and last but not least : the ability to make their customer pay a premium for those innovations.

So what’s so great with the Dyson DC16 ?

Well, it’s one of the very few handheld vacuum cleaner that can simply replace the a big one. Therefore it’s perfect for a small apartment (especially in Paris, where real estate is very expensive).
And since it’s still a Dyson, it doesn’t lose suction over time. And it’s very enjoyable to have a 3 years old DC16 that works the same way that it did on its first day.

As for the major disadvantage, its 6-minute long battery life, it turned out to be quality since I hate vacuuming for too long.

So what is this blog post all about ?

I kinda got lost in my introduction. My bad.
In fact, I simply wanted to tell you that I’ve been the proud owner of a DC16 for 3 years and am still very satisfied with it.
Most hardware website talk about new products that they can only test for a few weeks. In order to promote a more sustainable way of consuming, I think it’s important to talk about products that last. The DC16 is one of those. I could buy the brand new DC31 or even the DC35 but I won’t. Cause I don’t need them. Cause I feel like my DC16 could be useful for another bunch of years.

And because I cleaned it. And it feels brand new. Because a Dyson vacuum cleaner is made of multiple parts that can be removed, cleaned, exchanged, just like a freaking Lego.

You’ll find below a slideshow of the restoration of my “old” DC16.


Dyson DC16 Cleaning, a set on Flickr.


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