I could have been a great virtual stalker.

I have a crush on this colleague of mine.
We don’t work for the same company, but we share the same open space.
All I know is her first name.

So out of boredom, one day, I found her LinkedIn account, just by searching the name of the company. Which linked to her twitter account. And I stopped there, cause this was getting creepy.

But since it does not prove how good a stalker I could be. I’m gonna search a little further.
I’m 3AM, so I’ll try to find as much information as I can in 30 minutes.

30 minutes later…
So far, I’ve found her facebook account. Her Viadeo account. Therefore I know where she worked and studied. From these informations I can presume than she’s around 24.
But that’s about all I found. Cause she has control over her online identity. She carefully chose what information she could share.

Good job, young lady.
You give me no choice : I’m gonna have to talk to you.


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